CHROME IT CHROME COFFINS was established in 2012, after our main company CHROME IT, was receiving a huge demand for chrome coffins, caskets as well as grave stones.

We often take for granted the advances that modern technology has made, especially in recent years when there always seems to be a newer, better version of almost everything. One particular advancement that now offers families who opt for traditional services to still create a final remembrance that is not only highly-personalized, but also dignified, is that of the personalized caskets. These caskets feature the shape of traditional funerary boxes, but the exterior can be adorned with a variety of chrome colours or a combination to create a beautiful collage in honour of the lost loved one.

Personalized caskets are a relatively new concept, but one that many will say was long overdue in the memorial industry. They offer a way to celebrate the happy moments shared with the lost loved one, and serve as a gentle reminder of love, rather than loss.

We as a group of individuals were touched by the plight of bereaved individuals, families and friends who often found it difficult to offer those who would have passed on, a decent coffin or casket.

CHROME IT CHROME COFFINS is the one stop supplier of chrome coffins and caskets to the private undertaker as well as funeral homes and the public. We also supply adjacent countries and we are expanding very fast.

The chrome coffins CHROME IT CHROME COFFINS supply is locally manufactured and chromed.

We strive, not only to offer our clients exceptional quality personal chrome coffins, but seek longstanding relationships with all of our customers and resellers. Our commitment is to provide personalized and exceptional service at AFFORDABLE PRICES, coupled with the modern and soothing décor of our products.

As an independent, locally owned company, you will receive professional services.

Browse our website and learn more about our chrome coffins and caskets as well as our unique service to serving you, and the many options we make available to you.

Life is full of uncertainty, No one knows what the future holds. The only certainty in life I that it does come to an end, it could be today, tomorrow or years to come, but it will happen.


Choose from a huge range of beautifully designed and upmarket chromed coffins and caskets at an affordable price.

This is the last thing you will do for your dearly departed. Send them off with dignity with a beautiful chrome or gold coffin or casket that represents their eternal home thereafter.

We have a range of sizes, colour, finishes and prices.

Our colours includes the following:

  • Chrome
  • Gold Chrome
  • Yellow Chrome
  • Orange Chrome
  • Black Chrome
  • Brown Chrome
  • Bronze Chrome
  • Red Chrome
  • Blue Chrome

And many, many more.

We work with a number of funeral homes and undertakers around the country who have taken the time to understand the special requirements for a unique product.


  • To exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • To give all citizens an opportunity to a memorable and dignified product.
  • To deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond timeously to change.
  • Nurturing and promulgation of wholesome cultural and religious values.
  • Tailor-made superior products.


To be a preferred coffin and casket supplier to undertakers and funeral homes.

  • To be highly visible and known for excellent chrome coffins and personalized ideas.
  • To create wealth and to help local NPO’s assistance.
  • To be the only choice chrome coffin and casket supplier in Africa.

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